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© Courtesy of Emmanuel Massillon and cadet capela

Born in 1998, in Washington DC, US

Lives and works in Washington DC and New York City, US

Emmanuel Massillon is an African American conceptual artist who works in several different mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. With these varying mediums, He explores the complex history of race, identity, culture and it's the relation to people of African descent. Massillon's upbringing in the inner city of Washington D.C. shapes the unique narrative that he strives to convey through his work, which is introducing others to new ideas by creating work from day-to-day life to politically charged topics. With this, he aims for his viewers to start and explore conversations that may or may not have been previously spoken about. Language and materials is very much an important part of his work; he uses many visual puns and many examples of street vernacular which adds to the overall experience of his artwork. The use of language and puns is directly inspired by many genres of African- American music such as Jazz, R&B and Rap music which Massillon believes to be one of the main preservers of black culture in America. The materials used in his work vary from bullet shells, dirt, found objects and wood which act as a way to express his perception of the world by using materials found in his own environment and cultural history.  With influences as diverse as folk art, music, art history and African history. Massillon uses many reference points to get his ideas across to his viewers, in a simple yet evoking manner. When he isn't working on creating artwork Massillon can be found curating shows to shed light on artists looking to share a similar narrative as him. Massillon currently attends The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City and is pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts. In recognition of his academic and artistic accomplishments, Massillon was selected as a recipient of the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship and is a recipient of the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities Exhibitions (Curatorial) Grant.




—    Only Time Will Tell, with Ryan Cosbert, cadet capela, Paris, FR




—    A-Side/B-Side, solo booth at Untitled Art Miami Beach, cadet capela, Miami, FL, US

—    Outer Body Experiences, with  Darin Cooper, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome, IT

—    Wait, Just Hear Me Out !, cadet capela, Paris, FR


—    As Clear As Mud, curated byTara Coleman, Swivel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US

—    The Complexity and Cost of Identity No.2 Autotune Machine, curated by Shameekia Johnson, The Housing Gallery, New York, NY, US 



—   The Dance, Luce Gallery, Torino, IT

—   Not For Sale, curated by Cornelia Stokes & Kiara Cristina Ventura, NXVHTN, New Haven, CT, US




—   The Shape Of Things, Swivel Gallery, Saugerties, NY, US

—   Arrangements in Black, Phillips, New York, NY, US

—   Collage / Assemblage, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY, US

—   Tempus Fugit, curated by Charles Moore, Latchkey Gallery, New York City, NY, US

—   Charles White: Influences, curated by Barbara Galazzo and Newton Paul, Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY, US



—   Carpe Diem, curated by Michael Sherman, UTA Artist Space

—   Cocinando, curated by : Kiara Cristina Ventura, Tumbao Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US

—   A Gathering, curated by KJ Freeman, organized by Shani Strand, The Housing Gallery, New York, US

—   Concurrence, curated by Adam Cable, SVA Galleries

—   In the Time of the Improbable, curated by BFA Fine Arts Chair Suzanne Anker and faculty members Nancy Chunn and Peter Hristoff, SVA Galleries


—   The Narrative Scale, curated by Tyson Skross, SVA Galleries

—   Across the Surface / On the Edge, curated by Ian Burnley, Evan Durkin, Alejandro Chen Li, Luis Navarro, Amy Stienbarger, Tarah Rhoda and Tyler Rowland, SVA Galleries

—   The Gallery Wish x Sprite The Giveback Exhibition, curated by Anna Akpele, The Gallery at Wish, Atlanta, GA, US

—   The Cookout: Kinfolk and Other Intimacies, curated by Maleke Glee and Amy Andrieux (MoCADA Executive Director), MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts)

—   Here We Are, curated by Emmanuel Massillon, SVA Gramercy Gallery, New York, NY, US


—    Mirrored Display, curated by Tyson Skross, SVA Gramercy Gallery, New York, NY, US


—    Night In The Garden Group Show, St John's University Gallery, Jamaica Queens, New York, US

—    LIU Brooklyn Art Department Showing, LIU Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NewYork, US


—    Bloom Group Art Show, Pyramid Gallery, Sliver Spring, MD, US

—    The Art of Politics Group Art Show, Pyramid Gallery, Sliver Spring, MD, US



—    The Unknown Group Art Show, Creative Acts Learning Center Gallery, Washington DC, US


—    Contrast Group Art Showing, Washington DC, US



—    Baltimore Museum of Art

—    21c Museum Hotels


—    Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship

—    District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities Exhibitions (Curatorial) Grant

—    The Gallery Wish x Sprite The Giveback Grant

—    UN/MUTE-10002- Virtual residency Sponsored by Undercurrent and the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC)



—    School of Visual Arts, BFA Fine Arts New York, New York 

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