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© Courtesy of Michael Lombardo and cadet capela

Born in 1990, in Norman, Oklahoma, US

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, US

Michael Lombardo makes paintings that depict objects and ephemera associated with the American West and the Great Plains. Regional references and allusions to memory appear across his body of work, capturing fleeting moments and significant heirlooms carefully rendered in his highly detailed and magnified compositions. Traces of landscape appear throughout, charging the canvases with a keen sense of time and place. Red dirt, for example, unique to Oklahoma’s iron-rich soil, is collected from Lombardo’s visits back to his birth state, providing not just a formal texture to the canvas but also a gesture to home that materially provides an autobiographical layer to the works. Light is also utilized as formative material in Lombardo’s tableaux, foregrounding the sheen of a signature cufflinks, the glisten of its satin bow tie, and collected weathered western wear. Lombardo distorts the imagery and the perspectives of the classic objects sourced from his personal collections and experiences, allowing him to transform recognizable mise-en-scènes into vivid explorations that celebrate the quiet moments of cherished regional memory and fleeting everyday life.

Michael Lombardo has been the subject of two-person and group exhibitions at 1226, Dallas (2023); Barbati, Venice (2023); G/ART/EN Gallery, Como, Italy (2023); and Brackett Creek Exhibitions, New York (2022).




—    Artissima solo booth, Barbati Gallery,Turin, IT

—    Cactus Bloom, Clip-on, Cufflinks, Wranglercadet capela, Paris, FR



—    Faux Casual; LUPA; a collaboration with Diablo Rosso and Frau Lamb, Panama City,Casco Viejo, PA




—   Untold Stories, Garten Gallery, Como, IT

—   The Range, 12.26 Gallery, Dallas, TX, US

—   Imperfect Paradise, Barbati Gallery, Venice, IT




—   Brackett Creek Invitational, Brackett Creek Expositions, Bozeman, MT, US

—   BOBBY LA & Institut für Bild und Objektfor Michael Lombardo & Anthony Renda, Brackett Creek Expositions, New York City, NY, US



—   Via Sanborn & Sunset, BOBBY LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles, CA, US


—    Guy & Gals, BOBBY LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles, CA, US


—    Artist Issue, Jerónimo, a collaboration with GOGO mag and nine featured artist, Panama City, Casco Viejo, PA



—    Busman's Holiday, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO, US

—    Arte Panameño Ayer & Hoy, Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, DR



—    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI - BFA Painting



—    European Honors Program, Rome, Italy - Painting, summer and fall

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